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Skin Rejuvenation - Radio Frequency BeotyWAVE Stick

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✔️This radio frequency device combines ultrasonic with positive ion, RF with negative ion, EMS technology.
✔️Microcurrent Muscle Stimulation for Skin Rejuvenation
✔️Diamond Cutting Roller to uplift Skin.
✔️360 Roller ball shape perfect face counter
✔️Ultrasonic function leads out dirt from skin, Clean Pores Deeply.
✔️RF function enhances blood and lymph flow and speeds up metabolism.
✔️EMS function is effectively tighten and exercise the face muscles and finally lifting and firming.

Frequently Asked Questions!!

  • How often and for how long should I use the device ?
    We recommend treating with RF device no more than once per day. Total treatment time should not exceed 15 minutes per day for the facial area and 2-3 times per week.
    The recommended treatment time will vary depending on your skin type and individual concern(s). More frequent application or applying beyond recommended treatment time will not enhance results and may cause redness. Use the system according to the usage guidelines for best results. High frequency can be drying especially during the winter months. If you find that your skin gets too dry with treatment, we recommend restricting your treatment to once every 4-5 days and following up with a quality moisturizer.

  • When do I get results?
    Results of facial devices are quicker - in lots of cases use can feel the small changesin the next morning! Of course to have much serious results you will need 3-5 weeks. Don’t give up, you will definitely see changes!

    Some will notice a difference after one treatment (improved skin tone, tightening effect, improvement in the appearance of acne) while others will require more treatments to recognize the full benefits. As is true with any holistic, in-home skin rejuvenation system, results are cumulative and can vary by individual skin type and concern. Each treatment builds upon the last. High frequency can also greatly maximize the benefits of your current creams, lotions and serums by helping them to absorb much more deeply below the dermis than if you simply use them on a standalone basis. If you have been disappointed by the performance of your existing skin care product line-up, use the device in conjunction with them and notice the difference.

  • You have Radio Frequency in lot of your devices. Is it safe to skin?
    Did you know that we are all exposed to low levels of human-made radio frequency every day, from cell phones, TV or WIFI?Wavelength used in RF is over 1 billion times slower than an X-ray, and clinical studies demonstrated an excellent safety profile on RF home care devices, so you can be sure that our devices are safe to use! Although don’t forget to read and follow the directions in manual.

  • Should I use a conductive gel with RF feature?
    Using a special conductive medium during Radio frequency treatment to improve glide is necessary and will improve the performance or benefits derived from treatment.

    For best results we advise applying your favourite skin care lotion, cream or serum to your skin prior to high frequency application (for anti-aging treatment). Those with acne-prone skin can apply their acne lotion or cream following high frequency treatment to avoid redness associated with over-drying the skin.

  • Can you explain the difference between EMS-pro, Power RF and T-sonic pulsations?
    “Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a non-invasive way to firm skin and defines facial features. When used on the face and neck, it emits a low-voltage of electrical current that mirrors one’s body’s electrical currents on a cellular level. RF BeotyWAVE Stick EMS adopt the professional-level power it uses, that is stronger than many other EMS devices on the market.”

    “As for Power RF, the RF stands for Radio-frequency. It is a non-invasive technology that uses low energy waves to heat the deep layer of the skin called ‘dermis’. The heat stimulates collagen and elastin production to help better replace the old, damaged skin with new, healthy skin. Radio frequency also heats up skin tissue to reduce the fat tissue on top of skin, which helps to tighten fine lines and sagging skin – revealing a sculpted, smooth and contoured appearance.

    “Ultrasonic is a high-efficiency motor that generates subtle oscillations, which gently massage the face to boost skin’s radiance, while increasing the absorption of creams, serums, and essences – thus enhancing their efficacy,these pulsations travel through the outer layers of skin.

  • For deep cleansing treatment, what type of topical should be used with the system?
    After a basic cleansing on the facial skin, it suggest to use some toner, cleansing lotion or gel to the cosmetic cotton,together with ultrasonic & Positive iontophoresis which will help remove dirty out of the cells.

  • For anti-aging treatment, what skin care products should be used with the system?
    We recommend that you simply use your favourite anti-aging and acne products. For best results, we recommend using non-oily products with hydrating properties and those that contain peptides. Those with aging skin and acne can equally benefit from following up with a good Hyaluronic Acid Serum Serum after treatment which is non-oily (won't clog pores or cause acne) and boosts the moisture level in your skin at the same time. Radio frequency & EMS Roller massage can greatly maximize the benefits of your current creams, lotions and serums by helping them absorb much deeper below the skin than if you simply use them on a standalone basis.

  • Will I feel the electrical current on my skin?
    EMS is a low level oscillating current that can be very soothing, relaxing and revitalizing. A slight tingling or zapping will be felt during treatment. Facial sensitivity rates vary from individual to individual. The device is effective even at a suitable intensity setting so it is not necessary to use an extremely high power level to achieve maximum benefits from treatment. For best results, the key is treatment consistency (i.e. using the system regularly and according to the usage guidelines).

  • Who is this device for?
    The system is designed for spa and salon professionals in addition to home users with past experience both administering and receiving high frequency treatment. Whether you are looking for a tool to fight the signs of aging, or a one and for all solution to acne breakouts, it is a safe, natural and gentle alternative to expensive cosmetic treatments, plastic surgery and harsh acne topicals.

  • Can I use the RF BeotyWAVE Stick around my eye area?
    RF BeotyWAVE Stick is recommended for use around the eyes (over the orbital bone). Do not use the device over your eyes, across your eyelids or any closer to your eyes than the limits of your orbital bone.

  • Can RF BeotyWAVE Stick be used on the neck/forehead/chest?
    Although our treatment protocol highlights for facial skin treatment, the upper and lower cheeks and under the chin, there are some users who do treat their neck, forehead and decollete with great result.

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    There are no word to describe how much I love my BEOTY device! Thank you for simplifying my life! I love BEOTY!

    It was luxurious.

    It is one of the best and luxurious device i have ever had. My face felt amazing after the first use. I am hooked. Will definitely purchase again and will never be without it. Thank you The BEOTY.

    Kum A.
    I get endless compliments on my skin!

    "I purchased the BeotyWAVE stick several months ago and loved it! When my mom visited me this month at age 64, she loved my makeup and started trying the BEOTYWAVE stick, too! We ordered one for her and now she has eliminated the need for foundation and uses it as a base...she adds a light blush over it..... Terrific product !"