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BEOTY Brands is founded on the belief that self-love doesn’t show up in brown boxes. We are born beautiful and real beauty lights us up from the inside out. When you’re happy on the inside, it shows. We offer skincare products and tools for beautiful people on all stages of the self-love journey.

The Beoty is a American brand that encourages women to practice self-care, both inside and out. At The Beoty, our philosophy is that self-care is the foundation for taking care of others and our planet.

“I believe that when we are guardians of the self, we can truly honour ourselves and take care from the inside out, extending that love and care to others. We are then better able see the beauty that surrounds us, and we want to take care of our planet.” — Pepper P., Founder, The Beoty

We recognize that today’s woman is busy. And we want women to never have to choose between taking care of themselves and everything else in their lives. We understand how challenging it is to find the right beauty products that do what they say, are good for you and are safe for our environment. The Beoty is simple and effective. We believe less is more —fewer quality products give you the desired results you want, so your skin matches the youthful glow you possess within.