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At Home Microdermabrasion - BeotyDERMA Wand

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Smoother and more radiant skin. Anywhere. Anytime. Spa-quality microdermabrasion for soft, clear, glowing skin on the go!

  • Buffs Away Fine Lines and Wrinkles on-the-go.
  • Reduces Age Spots and Sun Damage.
  • Improves Skin Tone and Texture while Eliminating Acne Scars.
  • Gently Exfoliates Skin Imperfection.
  • Restores Skin Radiance.
  • Makes Your Skincare Topicals work Better.
  • Save Hundreds (Even Thousands) of Dollars Compared to Spa Treatments.
  • Custom Made LIMITED STOCK.

4 minutes to cleaner, healthier skin

Save yourself a trip to the dermatologist’s office with BeotyDERMA Wand, our at-home microdermabrasion system designed to exfoliate and suction away impurities that can clog pores, leading to inflammation, blackheads and acne breakouts.

BeotyDERMA is our at-home microdermabrasion system that uses medical-grade, diamond-encrusted heads to expertly exfoliate and suction away dead skin cells (and other impurities) that can clog pores, leading to inflammation, spots, blackheads and acne breakouts.

At the same time, it stimulates skin, promoting blood circulation, accelerating skin tissue development and collagen production.

The customizable suction strength lets you alternate based on your comfort level while the smart screen directs your experience, tracks the auto-mode time and monitors the suction strength and battery charge.

Unlike chemical microdermabrasion,  is gentler on skin and is ideal for those who are especially sensitive. Make BeotyDERMA Wand a part of your regular weekly skincare routine to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, promote even skin tone, fight acne, shrink pores and improve the absorption of your favourite skincare products.


Frequently Asked Questions!!

  • Is it okay for a friend to use my device if it’s properly cleaned with alcohol?
    Yes, just as long as the tip is cleaned.
  • How often suggested use?
    2-3 times a week!
  • How long will it run on battery? Is the suction as consistent and strong as it would be if used while plugged in?
    The BeotyDERMA Wand will only run if it is connected to the adaptor!
  • Can we use BeotyDERMA Wand on other parts of the body other than the face?  Such as neck and chest area?
    Yes the BeotyDERMA Wand can be used on your neck and chest area.
  • When I buy it I know I have to buy filters but does it come with everything else I need what exactly do I have to buy what does it come with what does it need?
    BeotyDERMA Wand comes with filters to start. Along with a diamond tip, pore extraction tip and infusion tip. The filters should last at least 6 months with regular use and we recommend replacing the diamond tip every 3-6 months with regular use. Everything you need to get started is included!

    You can preserve the life of your diamond tip by removing it from the device and washing it in gentle soap and warm water, gently brushing the surface of the diamond tip to dislodge any debris. Allow the diamond to to air dry before placing back on the device.
  • Is this safe to use under and around your eyes?
    You may use BeotyDERMA Wand to exfoliate the sides of the eyes. Do not exfoliate your eyelid and your under eye. You should not go beyond the orbital bone when you are doing microdermabrasion. The skin on the eye area is very delicate so you have to be really careful. Brace your skin with your free hand and use low suction levels when working on this area.
  • How does it work? It feels like the device sucks the serum out rather than push it into the skin?
    Apply your serum on your skin without rubbing it in. Turn on your BeotyDERMA Wand and use the lowest suction. The suction will help open up your pores to help your serums get to the layers where it is needed. Make quick, circular strokes to spread the serum until it is completely absorbed by the skin. Don’t let the tip stay on the same spot to prevent getting suction marks. 
  • Does this reduce the appearance of widened blood vessels on the face?
    If it is broken capillaries, no the device will not help heal those. Typically with blood vessels, you will need to have your dermatologist take a look and recommend treatment.
  • What is the Hg for each of the 4 suction levels in the BeotyDERMA Wand?
    The device maxes out at 20in/hg for the BeotyDERMA Wand.
  • I have very small bumps under the skin which I can't get rid of. They are on both cheeks and never come to a head. Will this product help to get rid of them?
    Yes this will help you take the layers of dead skin off to where you can get to the surface area of these small bumps to treat accordingly.
  • When do I use the infusion and pore tips? During an application do I always use the diamond tip?
    The extraction and infusion tip can be used after you are done doing a BeotyDERMA Wand treatment with the diamond tip.
  • Hi ! Does it work on broken capillaries?
    We do not recommend you use microdermabrasion on broken capillaries as it can be harming to the skin, however we do have a red light therapy that will help with broken capillaries.
  • How do you recommend cleaning the diamond tip? And how often should you clean it? And does it come with anything to clean it?
    You should clean the tip after each use. You can use soap and water, or alcohol. You would clean the tip by dipping the diamond head into the liquid of your choice, and scrubbing with the brush that is provided with your device.
  • How often can I use my BeotyDERMA Wand?
    You can use the red light every day up to 5 minutes. If you choose to do it longer than five minutes make sure to monitor the skin to ensure there is no reactions.
  • I'm allergic to nickel. Are the tips nickel free on the, BeotyDERMA Wand hand,held.
    All of our diamond tips are nickel free, they are safe to use!
  • Would this be helpful on the neck to prevent wrinkles or lessen the ones that are already there?
    The BeotyDERMA Wand can help address wrinkles and fine lines and will also help prevent new ones from coming out. The device has a suction feature that helps boost collagen production allowing new skin to generate to replace dead skin cells.
  • Can I use the microdermabrasion soon after steaming my face (using a professional steamer) for better extraction?
    Yes, you can steam your face if it helps your skin prepare for the microdermabrasion treatment. As long as you keep your skin fresh and dry prior to the treatment, your BeotyDERMA Wand will take care of exfoliating your face and removing any dirt, dust and dead skin cells off your skin. After treatment, wash your face again and apply your moisturizer or serum to help your skin re-hydrate and recover from the treatment.
  • How often does the diamond tip need to be replaced?
    The natural diamond tips are designed to last 6 months to 1 year with normal use.
  •  How often should I use BeotyDERMA Wand excellent results?
    Depending on your skin type, we normally recommend using the device 2-3 times a week. Following this regimen, you should see significant results within weeks. Just remember, listen to your skin. Your skin should be completely healed of red or pinkness and sensitivity before treating again.
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    Tammie A.
    I love the way my face glows and feels nice and soft.

    "I had grin lines (what I call them) after using my Microderma Device 3 times per week and the Argan Stem Cell Serum on a daily basis the lines are beginning to fade. I love this. Skin care regiment."