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Reverse Ageing HF Wand (Neon & Argon Fusion)

Reverse Ageing HF Wand with Neon & Argon Fusion Device is used to treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite, decongestant puffy eyes, fade dark eye circles and even rejuvenate the condition of the scalp for improved hair growth. High-frequency electrotherapy heat up the deep tissues, which can translate and eliminate harmful substances, relieve pain, and relax muscles. You can use it before or after skincare, the important thing is to make sure your skin is properly cleansed.

Remove spots, acne, wrinkles and fine lines
✔️Heal skin scars
✔️Enhance blood circulation
✔️Improve lymph activity
✔️Strengthen cell metabolism
✔️Improve secretion and PH value
✔️Diminish inflammation
✔️Sterilize bacteria
✔️Accelerate healing of wounds
✔️Reduce visible skin pores

✅ KEY BENEFITS: This high frequency device can quietly reverse aging process and bring back youthful skin, accelerates blood circulation, collagen and cell production to improve and reduce age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, drastically improve aging skin, serves well for skin whitening and tightening, eliminate acne & pimples, help wound to heal fast, restrain pores, tighten up the skin, help hair growth and cure alopecia, etc.
✅ FOUR ELECTRODES: You can choose the different electrodes to treat various body part -
Mushroom electrode for broad area treatment also for delicate skin, face, neck and shoulders area.
Hook electrode for small targeted areas.
Spoon electrode for under eye area.
Comb electrode for scalp area.
 SAFE, PORTABLE, AND EASY TO USE: The quality materials making it safe, comfortable, natural, and recyclable. Use it 2-3 times a week, 10-15 minutes on each area of your face and hair. For one part, the treatment should be less than 10 seconds.
✅ FOUR TREATING METHODS: Facial beauty machine methods can be chosen which are indirect high frequency, direct high frequency, hair care method and spark method according to your specific need for skin, hair or body.

How to use?
1. Insert the chosen glass electrode into the high frequency machine; gently push in the electrode and it should just snap in to place.
2. Turn the high frequency machine down to a zero level and turn it on. 
3. Hold the handle of the high frequency electrode in the hand that you normally work with and make contact with the electrode and your finger before placing it on to your skin. 
4. Place the electrode on your skin and remove your finger. 
5. Increase the intensity to a comfortable setting and move the electrode in small circles around the skin for a maximum of five minutes. 
6. Place your finger back on the electrode and remove it from your skin. 


Frequently Asked Questions!!

  • Would this work for tightening loose skin on neck and jowl area and on hands?
    Yes, absolutely.
  • Will this work differently depending on whether it slides across your skin with moisturizer/product or on dry skin?
    You will see a difference if you microneedle your face before you use the wand. Microneedle - apply serum, - then wand. The needling makes little pokes (holes) in your skin so the serum penetrates further, then the wand makes it work even more effectively.

  • Is it not good to use with facial piercings?
    It would hurt, but if your worried, just take em out, put them back in afterwards. You don’t use the machine long so your piercing shouldn’t close up.
  • Can this be used in conjunction with Microcurrent?
    Yes. Its recommended to use the microcurrent device first.
  • Does it work on spider veins?
    Works. Be careful though, don't let wand stay on one spot more then 1-2sec.
  • Does it really help tighten skin and get rid of dark under eye circles?
    Yes, it does help tighten skin and minimise dark circles. It is easy to use and you never regret buying it.
  • How often do I use this?
    The total therapy time for the face area ought not to exceed 5 mins each day. Treatment must not exceed 10 mins per day for the general body neighborhood such as the scalp.
  • Can these be used for under eye bags and puffiness as well?
    Yes, start low power and use the flat oval to gently go from inner eye (not too close obviously to the eye) and slide to outer eye not only reduce puffiness but reduce wrinkles
  • Is this product good for removing brown or age spots?
  • I have braces, can i use it? It's safe?
    No. Please do not use Beoty Reverse Aging HF Wand, if you have braces or any metal implants as it produces a light electric current which can be conducted by metallic objects

  • Can you use retin a while using this device?
    Everything is in the booklet. And yes you may use whatever cream or serum you always use.
  • Are the result permanent?
    This wand does help get rid of acne and with in time you will notice your face is more youthful, plump and firm!

  • Does this actually tighten skin under chin and neck?
    Yes, with repeated use muscles and skin in the face are firmed.

  • Can you use this if you regularly use a retinol cream?
    Not suggest, other better mositure cream are recommended.
  • What is the smell?
    High Frequency treatments produce a signature smell that can be likened to fresh crisp air. This is due to the oxygenation that occurs around the glass tube when the neon gas is activated inside. This is completely normal and means the device is working as it should!
  • It says high frequency but what exactly is the frequency?
    "Voltage: 110V, Frequency: 50-60HZ, Power: 10W"
  • Does this work as good on an older person with deeper lines
    It might work fine if you do at list 3 times in a week, and use over stuff for care( peelings, mask). Helps improve, does not diagnose,cure,treat or prevent any medical issue or disease
  • Is neon and argon infused together more effective than neon and argon separately?
    I don’t think so but it is more effective in the manner of shortening your time needed by using both neon and argon infused together. If owned both kinds and I prefer this infused version.
  • Can it help with skin discoloration due to sun damage?
    It helped a small age spot on my face after about 3 weeks of 3 times a week.
  • Can someone explain the gas idea? Is there some sort of gas cartridge that needs to be refilled or are the adaptors made with gas? So confused!
    The tube are filled with gas, after turn on device,the gas inside are been stimulated with current,when tube point touch skin, it will form a electric circuit between device and skin, the oxygen in air will turn into ozone and which promotes the healing of acne, skin lesions, sagging skin and puffy eyes, and may be effectively used over the entire body.
  • How long should a "treatment" last? Is there a certain duration of time you should use for an area?
    The total therapy time for the face area ought not to exceed 5 mins each day. Treatment must not exceed 10 mins per day for the general body neighbourhood such as the scalp.
  • Can I use this right after microneedling to encourage healing and antibacterial?
    Yes. After microneedling you can use vitamin c
  • Can I use this morning and night for 20 minutes or 10 minutes? Whats the max i can use this???
    You can use each wand for a max of 5 min, so in total is like 20 min.
  • Does this work on removing dark aging spots on face?
    Yes!! This system is phenomenal! You may pulled a deep wrinkle. Your skin will be clear and fine lines dark spots large pores will all diminish immensely with use! you’ll see results after your first treatment.
  • Do you use this after applying products or before?
    Use it after applying your serums and then put your moisturizer on after you are done.
  • Is this product suppose to stimulate the elasticity and collagen in the skin?

  • Will this help the appearance if stretch marks?
    Maybe helps, EMS maybe better for stretch marks
  • Can you clean with peroxide?
    Hydrogen peroxide can be effective at very concentrations. But not at the percentages of household consumer levels. Use rubbing alcohol of 70% is effective if disinfection is what you are looking for.
  • Does this help for dark eye circles ?
    Yes, It will help with the puffiness. Use it two times a week with a serum to help the device glide. Use the spoon attachment for eyes and turn it down a bit low for that area. Good luck!
  • Has anyone used this for dandruff?
    Yes!!! Use on scalp
  • What is the purpose of the gases, and if a wand breaks do they escape out?
    Yes, wand breaks and gas will come out, but gas is safe gas and no hard,and there is few gases.